Marka Ceremonial Mask

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This Marka Mask is handmade by the Marka people in Mali. The mask face is first carved with wood, then covered with embossed bronze sheeting affixed with small tacks and antelope horns. It has an elongated face with a small mouth and a long thin nose. It is finished off with small colorful cotton tassels. 

Antelopes in Mali, are a symbol of speed and endurance that hunters seek to attain.


Mask A: 28”L x 8”W

Mask B: 24”L x 7”W

Weight: 6lbs

*This Mask has holes on the side to tie rope or wire through for wall hanging.

*The Mask you select will be the mask you receive. 

About: The Marka people of Mali, are famous for their mask and puppets. Marka Mask are typically carved with horns or crest on top of the head and are often covered in metal sheeting. 

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